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Main projects

Here is the list of all the major projects I've completed, sorted in categories. I try to explain their functioning as thoroughly as possible, be it on the theoretical or on the practical plane, generally spanning all levels of abstraction, from the very physics and mathematics to the source codes and electronic schematics. These explanations start at the same level than I was when I started the project in question, which is often scratch.

The projects which have a little star (★) next to their title are what I call "core projects". The depth of the explanations for these will usually be much greater than for non-core projects. Note that non-core projects are not necessarily less ambitious than core ones ; their pages just hold less explicative content and are more likely to contain frequent references to the core project they're attached to.

Tesla coils

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The Zeus Tesla Coil


September 2011. First project ever. A medium-sized 225 W Tesla coil which is able to produce arcs up to 45 cm. Read more...

The Hyperion Tesla Coil


August 2012. A smaller but much more efficient coil than Zeus. It has a power of 150W and generates arcs up to 40 cm. Read more...

Nixie clocks

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IN-18 Nixie Clock

IN18 clock

February 2013. This clock displays time and date on nixie tubes, has an alarm, and can be remote-controlled. Read more...

RLB's Nixie Clock

RLB clock

April 2014. Comes in multiple cases. Works with a RTC for better accuracy. Circuits by Robin Birtles. Read more...

ZM1042 Nixie Clock


July 2014. A large and heavy nixie clock powered by an Arduino Mega. RTC and hand-made high-voltage circuits. Read more...

Philae Nixie SuperClock

Philae clock

[IN CONSTRUCTION] A large three-faced nixie clock displaying time in HH:MM format, shaped like ESA's Philae comet lander. Progress in pictures


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The Apollo Gauss Cannon


April 2014. A very large 3kJ coilgun which fires 350g steel projectiles at 80 km/h. Punches holes in wood. Read more... (some sections still under redaction)

Arduino Weather Station

Weather station

September 2014. Measures temperature, humidity, pressure and displays their evolutions on a graph. Photo album (pages still under redaction)

Nixie Tokamak Structure

Nixie Tokamak Structure

December 2015. A small tokamak-shaped decorative structure, lit with IN28 nixies and orange LEDs. Photo album (pages still under redaction)