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ZM1042 Nixie Tube Clock
July 2014

1.  Overview

This clock uses six of the stylish ZM1042 nixie tubes for display. It is larger and more "advanced" in its functioning than my previous IN-18 and RLB clocks. It uses an Arduino Mega as microcontroller and a DS3132 real-time clock for precise timekeeping. It displays hour, date and has a SD card-based alarm. The audio file is read with Adafruit's Wave shield. Among the amelioration on the IN-18 clock model are : the use of a purpose-built DC high-voltage supply for the tubes and the utilisation of better and more intuitive inputs. I built this clock for a close friend (my high school mathematics teacher). These webpages will not contain as thorough explanations as in the IN-18 clock or RLB clock ones, but given the similarities between the models, the reader is invited to have a look at them if necessary.

Pictures can be found on this photo album.

Total project cost (estimated) : 500 €. Sold for 1000 €