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The Hyperion Tesla Coil
August 2012

1.  Overview

Hyperion is my second Tesla coil. Also a "classic", spark-gap Tesla coil, it was built mainly out of the stuff that remained from the construction of Zeus (previous coil). I tried to apply what I had learned during the construction of Zeus to build a much better coil, and it worked : although its power is only 2/3 of Zeus' power, the improved design of several of its components makes it achieve similar arc length (about 40 cm) ! As for the name, Hyperion (`Yπερίων) was a Greek deity, the Titan of light, and the name sounded nice for a Tesla coil.

Pictures can be found on this photo album. I've also made this video of Hyperion, but the quality isn't too great.

Total project cost (estimated) : 900 €.

The Hyperion Tesla coil The Hyperion Tesla coil


These pages will focus mostly on the construction and component design, as the complete theory of operation is already discussed in Zeus' pages. I'd suggest you have a look at them if you are completely new to Tesla coils before reading what's next.

Here's already a rapid review of Hyperion's characteristics.

Power 150VA
Transformer Neon sign transformer (NST), 6kV, 25mA
Primary capacitors Eight 150nF Cornell-Dubilier 942C connected in series
Primary coil Conical spiral, 7cm inner radius, 25cm outer radius, 7.125 turns
Spark gap 2-elements, static type with (powerful) quenching fan
Secondary coil SWG 27 magnet wire, ~1000 turns, 40cm height
Top load Toroidal geometry, 10cm minor diameter, 30cm major diameter