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The Zeus Tesla Coil
September 2011

4.  Links and further readings

I didn't replace all the in-text references on these web pages, as they are already on the PDF version, which I invite you to download. Instead, here is a list of the websites that helped me the most in building and understanding the Tesla coil.

These two are a bit more topical :

Bonus reads :

On this website

You might also want to read :

  • The Hyperion Tesla coil — This is my second Tesla coil, on which several components have been improved, resulting in a higher efficiency than Zeus. More focus on construction.
  • All coils blazing — A collection of the best photographs of sparks from both Zeus and Hyperion, plus a bit more.
  • Nixie tube at 300 000 V — I placed a nixie tube at the tip of my Hyperion Tesla coil and fired it, with exciting results.