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RLB Designs' Nixie Tube Clock with Robin Birtles
April 2014

4.  Links

The circuit boards of this clock are commercialised by RLB Designs, visit their website if you wish to place an order. Additionally, I can make custom, finely hand-crafted cases such as the one shown below if you ask for one (see contact link on the right).

If you consider building a nixie clock without using pre-designed PCBs, these website might prove helpful :

Besides RLB Design's platform, here is another Arduino-compatible option for you nixie clock :

  • ArduiNIX, ArduiNIX shield for Arduino Uno — The ArduiNIX shield is a user open-source programmable platform for driving multiplexed nixie tubes or other high voltage displays.

Some links about nixie tubes themselves :

  • ExplainThatStuff, How nixie tubes work — In depth explanations on nixie physics and operation.
  • Wikipedia, Nixie tube — A rather complete article.
  • Tube-Tester, Nixie World — Huge nixie tube inventory.
  • Evil Mad Scientist, Nixie tube take-appart — The dissection of a nixie tube is performed, with neat pictures.

On this website

If you want to stay here, I would suggest you read :

  • IN-18 nixie tube clock — My very first nixie clock and serious Arduino project altogether. The circuit structure as well as the coding share many similarities with Robin's clock.
  • Nixie tube at 300 000 V — A little fun with nixies tubes and a Tesla coil. It produced very beautiful displays, which also highlight how a nixie tube works in normal conditions.