This website indexes the devices I used to build as a hobby when I was studying physics at university. They often involved dangerously high voltages, high currents, and sometimes both. You will find detailed descriptions of my projects on the Main projects page. You may also visit the Miscellaneous section for less formal stuff. Some info on me (Chris) is available on the About page.

What's new(ish)

mag shield

July 2016

ZM1042 Nixie Tube Clock. A short 3-page dossier on my large ZM1042 nixie tube, containing informations on its direct-drive HV nixie power supply, source code, and many pictures relating its construction.


mag shield

September 2015

The Apollo Gauss Cannon. The 3rd page of the Apollo dossier, relating the construction and the precise function of each component of the Apollo Gauss cannon, is completed and online.


Clock PCB schematic

May 2015

In construction : Philae Nixie Superclock. A large nixie clock made of three groups of IN-18 tubes displaying time in HH:MM format, and shaped like ESA's Philae probe which made an historic landing on comet 67P in November 2014. For ESA's Advanced Concepts Team, which I worked with in 2015.

Progress in pictures


September 2014

Art Deco Weather Station. Completed a small art deco-styled weather station, which measures atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and can plot either of these on an hour-by-hour basis. Web pages not yet written, but more pictures through the link below.

See more pictures


August 2014

The Apollo Gauss Cannon. Page 2, describing the full theory of operation of coilguns comes online. Particular emphasis put on the diode-protected LC circuit version of the device, as this is the paradigm I followed for Apollo.